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We have got the perfect place for all of you gamers out there, somewhere you can relax and chill out with some great people and play your favourite games! Come and join us in our gaming lounge located in Ipswich town centre, use our Xbox One and PS4 consoles to play your friends or solo here at Press Start Gaming Lounge. Our retro area will take you back to the old school days and you’ll be able to play old school consoles with all of the classic games, plus pinball and arcade machines, and we have even got a pool table which you can challenge your friends to a game with. The competition is fierce down here, we even host tournaments on the most popular games so if you think you would put up a good fight then why not enter our next one.

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Our virtual reality room will have you questioning what is real and what isn’t with some incredibly realistic games and experiences to be had. Experience the pinnacle of virtual reality. Fight off cyborgs, defend yourself against waves of zombies or explore a world inhabited by dinosaurs, you will be blown away! There isn’t a more realistic way to experience games, it’s next gen stuff. If you’re really looking for a great experience then check out our VIP room where there’s a 4K 60 inch TV, a large leather reclining sofa and room service for a premium, cinema style experience.

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We’d love to have you join us down at our fantastic gaming lounge where we’re sure your going to have some great experiences and memories. All of our staff are super friendly, bubbly and around to help you with anything you need. If you have any questions then feel free to get in touch by phone. See you soon.

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